A transmedia project in the spotlight..

cinemakina“Why do we feel emotions when watching a film? By what miracle do two images « stuck » together make us laugh, cry, dream? Cinémakina proposes to answer these questions practically by inviting established film directors and the general public to take the various reigns of the project in order to exchange, observe, reflect on and make movies! A series of 52 minute documentaries, each drawing the portrait of a director, continuums of experiences as well as « serious games » (stimulating the creativity of the users), propose different entry points into the Cinémakina experience. A machine which enables us to reverse the roles, to be both public and director. This transmedia project covers the areas of cinema,

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TV, Web, smartphones, tablets, games consoles, blu-ray / DVD, books and events. The driving-force behind Cinémakina : practice as a vector for reflexion.